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will ai replace developers? yes

  • text editors keylog all the code being written today
  • that information will be compiled, tested and sold
  • most likely only ai code will be used due to "human error" by nature

I think not only will ai write code, it will create a new language

that langauge will not be understood by any human

it will be fast and accurate

robots will run on that code

like elon said, we will need a strobe light to see them they'll move so fast

they might destroy us and use our bodies to create electricity lol

the next war will between genetically engineered humans so modified they will no longer classify as human

...vs ai robots

phython code to get the time of sunset from a public api

import requests

def get_sunset_time(api_key, city_name, country_code):
    # API endpoint to retrieve weather data
    endpoint = ""

    # API parameters
    params = {
        "q": city_name + "," + country_code,
        "appid": api_key,
        "units": "metric"

    # Send the API request
    response = requests.get(endpoint, params=params)

    # Check if the API request was successful
    if response.status_code == 200:
        # Parse the API response
        data = response.json()
        sunset_time = data["sys"]["sunset"]
        return sunset_time
        # Return None if the API request was not successful
        return None

# Example usage
api_key = "your_api_key_here"
city_name = "London"
country_code = "UK"

sunset_time = get_sunset_time(api_key, city_name, country_code)

if sunset_time is not None:
    print("Sunset time:", sunset_time)
    print("Could not retrieve sunset time.")