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cross referencing

  • applied with mkdocs tags


  • Identify the information you need to cross-reference:
  • This could be a specific section, table, or figure in your document.

  • Create a reference point:

  • This is the location in the document where you want to make the cross-reference. You can do this by inserting a reference marker, such as a footnote, endnote, or bookmarked text.

  • Link the reference marker to the target information:

  • In your word processing software, select the reference marker and use the cross-reference function to link it to the target information. In most software, you can select from a list of options to specify the type of reference, such as a page number, heading, or figure number.

  • Update the cross-reference:

  • Whenever you make changes to your document, such as adding or deleting content, it is important to update your cross-references so they remain accurate. Most word processing software will have an option to update cross-references automatically.

  • Verify the cross-reference:

  • Finally, check the cross-reference to make sure it is accurate and refers to the correct information in your document.

  • By following these steps, you can create cross-references in your document to help readers quickly find related information and make the document more organized and user-friendly.